Karnage Welder Operations

Here is a quick overview of the welder contents, storage and operation, enjoy!


Q) What is a Karnage Welder?

A)  It is a self contained battery operated, 100% portable, flux core wire feed welder that can weld 3/8" steel with ease!

Q) What is the duty cycle of a Karnage Welder?

A)  A Karnage Welder has a duty cycle of 100% for approximately 20 minutes, or until the internal batteries are depleted.

Q) How do I charge a Karnage Welder?

A)  Every Karnage Welder is supplied with a 12 volt charger that connects to your vehicle's 12 volt power source (AKA cigarette lighter port).  It can also be charged via a car battery charger or maintainer.

Q) How long does it take to charge?

A)  Charging a Karnage Welder will take approximately 4-6 hours, depending on how depleted the batteries are.

Q) What if I still need to weld after the batteries are drained?

A)  Oh boy, you really messed up, fortunately you're in luck!  The Karnage Welder has a port to connect external batteries using the cables that are supplied with the welder!

Q) What is the warranty?

A)  Karnage Welders come with a 1 year warranty against defects in parts or workmanship of the assembly process.


Problem: The digital voltmeter does not display voltage

  • The voltmeter will only display voltage when the function switch is in the "Internal Battery Weld" position.
  • If  the switch is in the correct position, check the fuses located next to the external battery port.

Problem: The welder will not charge when plugged in

  • Check the breakers located next to the external battery port.
  • Verify the charger is plugged in with the short cord at the power source and the long end at the welder.

Problem: When I press the trigger the motor runs, but wire does not feed

  • Check the tension of the spool brake, it may be too tight.
  • Check the tension of the feed assembly rollers, it may not be tight enough.
  • Make sure the wire is free at the tip, occasionally an arc will weld the wire to the tip.
  • Flux core wire is hollow and is somewhat fragile.  It is possible to pinch the wire causing failure to feed properly.


Karnage Welder Flyer (pdf)


Karnage Welder Manual (pdf)