Karnage Welder Operations

Here is a quick overview of the welder contents, storage and operation, enjoy!


Q) What is a Karnage Welder?

A)  It is a self contained battery operated, 100% portable, flux core wire feed welder that can weld 3/8" steel with ease!

Q) What is the duty cycle of a Karnage Welder?

A)  A Karnage Welder has a duty cycle of 100% for up to 20 minutes, or until the internal batteries are depleted.

Q) How do I charge a Karnage Welder?

A)  Every Karnage Welder is supplied with a 12 volt charger that connects to your vehicle's 12 volt power source (AKA cigarette lighter port).  It can also be charged via a car battery charger or maintainer.

Q) How long does it take to charge?

A)  Charging a Karnage Welder will take approximately 6-8 hours, depending on how depleted the batteries are.

Q) What if I still need to weld after the batteries are drained?

A)  Oh boy, you really messed up, fortunately you're in luck!  The Karnage Welder has a port to connect external batteries using the OPTIONAL Karnage Kables!

Q) What is the warranty?

A)  Karnage Welders come with a 1 year warranty against defects in parts or workmanship of the assembly process.

Q) I have a quick disconnect on my rig, can I use that to operate the welder directly?

A) Not unless your rig is running a 24V electrical system.  Most typical vehicles run only a 12V electrical system

Q) Can I charge my Karnage Welder in my RV?

A) Yes, provided you have an active charging system like shore power, generator running or solar power charging your RV's batteries.  Without an active charging system on the RV your Karnage Welder and RV will simply equalize and not fully charge the welder.

Q) If I'm welding on my rig should I disconnect my battery?

A) Yes...    sensitive electronics in vehicles these days may or may not like welding while connected and can damage your computer or other devices.  Best practice is to just always disconnect for safety.

Q) My Welder isn't charging fully?

A) First, make sure the 3 Position Function switch is in the down or "Internal Battery Charge" position.  Next, make sure neither of the breakers are tripped.  Finally, make sure your power source is consistent with running vehicle voltage, or 13.5 VDC or better.


Problem: The digital voltmeter does not display voltage

  • The voltmeter will only display voltage when the function switch is in the "Internal Battery Weld" position.
  • If  the switch is in the correct position, check the fuses located next to the external battery port.

Problem: The welder will not charge when plugged in

  • Check the breakers located next to the external battery port.
  • Verify the charger is plugged in with the short cord at the power source and the long end at the welder.

Problem: When I press the trigger the motor runs, but wire does not feed

  • Check the tension of the spool brake, it may be too tight.
  • Check the tension of the feed assembly rollers, it may not be tight enough.
  • Make sure the wire is free at the tip, occasionally an arc will weld the wire to the tip.
  • Flux core wire is hollow and is somewhat fragile.  It is possible to pinch the wire causing failure to feed properly.


Karnage Welder Flyer (pdf)


Karnage Welder Manual (pdf)