Welcome to Karnage Welder!

Tired of removing batteries from multiple vehicles and hauling them around to be able to make a 5 minute repair?

Sick of worrying about getting the polarity correct so the weld doesn't fail 10 minutes later?

Had enough of heavy, cumbersome spool guns that are hard to get where you need to work?

So were we!  That's why we created the KARNAGE WELDER.  

"This is "THE" portable welder every serious rock crawler/extreme 4x4 trail rider should take on any adventure."

Why Choose Karnage Welder over other portable welders?

Ease of use:

The Karnage Welder is not your typical spool gun.  Spool guns are heavy and bulky making it difficult to get into those tight spots where you often need the tip to be.

The Karnage Welder's wire feed assembly is located in the case, not your hand.  The torch is a standard MIG torch and has an 8 foot lead, making it easy to get into tight spaces and easy to manipulate.


Spool guns are notorius for being unreliable, they misfeed, or slip, not to mention what happens if you get the polarity wrong!

The Karnage Welder eliminates all of these issues.  The polarity is fixed within the unit so you can't go wrong!  The wire feed assembly mounted in the case makes adjustments easy and increased feeding reliability.


Let's face it, NOBODY wants to pull their batteries to make a repair!  Battery cages make it very difficult and time consuming to remove them.

With the Karnage Welder you don't have to worry about that!  We have mounted a battery pack in the case that is ready to go with the flip of a switch!