About Karnage Welder


Welding where and when you need it

When you break on the trail, it's never a good thing, but with a KARNAGE WELDER you'll be up and running in no time!


When Karnage strikes, strike back!

The KARNAGE WELDER was built out of necessity.  When you play hard, you are going to break, it is just a matter of time.  We were tired of lugging batteries out of rigs to make repairs so we developed an alternative to the status quo.


Compact and easy to use

With a more standard torch, the KARNAGE WELDER is comfortable to use and light weight.  Get into the tight spaces with ease and confidence.

What is a Karnage Welder?

Here is a basic run down of the unit:

It is a self contained, battery operated welder.  It has a 24 volt internal battery that will weld about 36-60" inches of bead up to 15-20 minutes of trigger time, depending on the thickness of the material being welded.

Output amperage is approximately 180 amps with .030 wire and 195 amps with .035 wire.

The wire feed speed is adjustable, amperage output is not.

It holds a standard 1 or 2 lb spool of flux core wire, there are no accommodations for gas.

OPTIONAL Karnage Kables connect to external batteries should the internal battery drain before you have completed the repair.

It charges using a supplied 12 volt charger that plugs into the power port of your vehicle, or you  can use a standard 120 volt charger for faster charging when you have utility available.

The dimensions of the case are approximately 16" x 12"x 7"

Appoximate weight of the complete unit is 40 Lbs, or as much as 1 car batter